Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) has added a second Mobile Assistance Center (MAC) to help better serve members across the state.

Since the first MAC was introduced in Tulsa in 2014, it has traveled more than 35,000 miles. It has reached thousands of Oklahomans, participating in nearly 250 events across the state. The new MAC is based in Oklahoma City. Both MACs travel statewide.

“The Mobile Assistance Centers allow BCBSOK to directly interact with individuals regarding their options for health care,” said Ted Haynes, BCBSOK president. “Having a second MAC is essential for BCBSOK to reach more Oklahomans than ever before.”

Both MACs are staffed by licensed community outreach specialists and customer service advocates who provide one-on-one assistance with health insurance enrollment and education.

MACs include innovative mobile kiosks designed to help multiple people in a face-to-face setting. The MACs are equipped with custom built-in seating, six securely docked iPads, internet access, and a large screen with audio and video capabilities.

MAC outreach efforts include hosting community events, visiting health fairs, participating in health and insurance seminars, and responding to communities in need following natural disasters.

The availability of two MACs that are able to travel across the state, simultaneously, is essential for helping consumers with their health insurance questions and needs.

During the open enrollment period, licensed representatives are available to help customers with the online enrollment process and help them find out if they qualify for financial assistance.

The MAC’s mobility gives BCBSOK the opportunity to reach more communities. In 2016, more than 64 percent of MAC activities were focused on those living in rural, Tribal and Latino communities in our state.

The MAC is available for pre-scheduled engagements, health fairs and community events throughout Oklahoma. Find a schedule of upcoming events.